Gila Kaplan was born in Israel, 1971
Lives and works in Berlin

The body of work which is attached is a selection
of work done over the last decade, mainly editorial
design: Artist Books, Catalogs, Magazines,
Architectural and Design books. This work was
performed for leading museums, galleries, and
publishing houses in Israel.

Education: BA Graphic Design, Bezalel Academy of
Art & Design, Jerusalem (1992-1996)
MA Graphic Design, Royal College of Art, London

Work Experience: Independent studio, Gila Kaplan,
Graphic Design (2000+)
Senior lecturer, Bezalel Academy of Art & Design,
Jerusalem, Shenkar school of Engineering and
Design, Tel-Aviv (2000-2012)

Selected Publications: Graphic Design for the 21st
/100 of the World's Best Graphic Designers,
Taschen Books (2003)
MonoKultur / Dries Van Noten/ Idn Extra 04:
Most Wanted Volume 1 p114-115 (2010) Turning
/ Editorial Design for Print Media. (2010)
2003 - 2018
Gila Kaplan
Graphic Design

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Akazienstrasse 14
Berlin 10823
‬Yesterday’s Sun is a publication containing a
body of work by photographer Uri Gershuni. He
returns to the origins of photography, traveling
to the home of photography's inventor, William
Henri Fox Talbot, in Lacock, England, where he
photographed Talbot’s home and its environs.
Yesterday’s Sun
Uri Gershuni
Sterntal books
Tel Aviv
Neither fiction nor documentary, the ‘dome’ is
an attempt at undertaking the political - the
symbol of the Israeli Palestine conflict.
A visual essay of hollowed out and distant
images of war, violence and sex.
Gil Marco Shani
Distorted shouting faces, version of a self
portrait? The book was one of the items
exhibited in an exhibition (‘sophia’) An
attempt to duplicate the original sketch book
given to the artist by the curator (her son).
Face book
Bianca Eshel Gershuni
Inga Gallery
Tel Aviv
About Stupidity explores the urgency of
stupidity, its hiding places, as well as its
public manifestations, and mainly - its
Janus-face. An identity for A group
About Stupidity /
group exhibition
‬Petach Tikva museum of Art
Petach Tikva
Flipping through pages, a selected work
from Gila Kaplan / Nirit binyamini’s portfolio.
A film shown at the Ministry of Culture
& Sport Award Exhibition, Petach Tikva
Museum of Art.
Book Design
Gila Kaplan ‫/‬
Nirit binyamini
Petach Tikva museum of Art
Petach Tikva